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The Unexpected Organizing Hiatus

Hey, friends, how are you? Just when you think I’ve disappeared and left you to fend for yourselves with spring approaching, alas, I have returned. Have you been carrying on well with your binders? I sure hope so as I have continued with my own and not much has been accumulating yet I have done … Continue reading

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Organizing Tidbit: Holiday Storage

I’ve been back to my old self these past few days and transforming the house – yet again. This time I’m pretty much reversing the holiday décor and bringing the home back to normal. It’s the dreaded part of January believe me I understand. We spend so much time putting up the tree and décor … Continue reading

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2013 Kick Off – Home Organization (Binder)

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful start to 2013 and have  thoroughly enjoyed your holiday. Whether you spent it with friends and family or even took an end of year vacation, I hope that you are as refreshed and ready for the opportunities of the new year as I am. … Continue reading

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Seasons Greetings

Hey, friends. First, let me apologize for such a late post. Things have been frantic, in a organized kind of way of course and I have had something planned just about every moment this last week. I’m ready. The presents are the wrapped, the table is set, the house is cleaned and everything has been … Continue reading

Holiday Prep Update

It’s been a frantic month for me, guys. I got back tracked severely when my daughter was sick and time has been ticking double fast since. However, I finally got a few things started on the home front for my holiday prep. I reorganized the living and dining space to open it up some. We … Continue reading

Home Binder December Giveaway!!!

There has been a little confusion surrounding the binder December giveaway so I wanted to help clarify and simplify the process for you. From now until December 20, 2012, I am accepting entries to win a customized set of Home Organization Binders to one winner chosen through my Facebook page (Organizing With Trisha Marie) by … Continue reading

Home Organization Binder Series: Health and Children

Hey, friends. I’m posting back to back to get the premise of the binder series out to you because my goal is to get started using them on New Years Day. To clarify, you can opt to implement these strategies at anytime you feel comfortable. My purpose is to have the tools in place to … Continue reading


Home Organization Binder Series and Giveaway – (Finance Binder)

With 2013 steadily approaching, it is important, in my opinion, to have as much organized and ready in your home as possible. A few people have asked me to share tips on how to prepare for the new year. One thing you are sure to find helpful to you are ways to keep up with … Continue reading

Tis the Season for Planning

First, I want to say I hope each of you enjoyed your holiday week for Thanksgiving. My holiday turned out great. Dinner was fabulous (I posted my recipes on Facebook). Now, if you’ve thought Thanksgiving planning was fun, get ready for the main event – December! No other month in the year is filled with … Continue reading


The Black Friday Games

Hello again, fellow organizers. Just 3 more days until Turkey Day! I realize this week is sure to be busy for us all so I thought that I would get in and get out with this post to talk about one of the busiest days of the year – Black Friday. The only thing I think is better … Continue reading


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