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November Sweeps


I may be starting a new blog today but Thanksgiving is still coming full speed ahead. So, instead of presenting introductions, I would direct you to my “About Me” page for now as I am ready to jump right into this blog. (Happy dance)

Let’s begin with dinner prep. Whether or not you will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner in your home or you’re planning any type of gathering of friends in the home, preparation is key.

This Thanksgiving, I will be joining forces with a good friend of mine to do dinner at her home. We did this last year and our schedules were crazy but it all came together. Like last year we will both be responsible for specific parts of the meal meaning together and individually we need to plan shopping, costs, recipies, etc.

My first step in planning my portion out is to compile a list of dishes I intend to make. I have a basic spiral notebook to keep all my initial information. I put together a tentative shopping list inside the notebook as well.

A week or so prior to Thanksgiving day I plan a grocery store trial run. By going directly to the grocer’s I am able to price out in advance the costs for each item I don’t find in the store sales ads which helps me budget. I jot the information down in the notebook, along with the store where I found the product.

Once I have all of my lists and costs in place I get digital. I use a great app on my Samsung called Grocery IQ to organize my lists. This app is very helpful in organizing by aisles, factoring in coupons and adjusting prices by quantity count or even weight. This takes a little time initially, but trust me, when it’s time to buy and you’re in a crowded store you will be grateful for this effort. This app is a great tool for everyday use, too. Your information stays in for the next shopping trip, making it easier the more you populate it.

More features on this app:
~ Predictive item search
~ Loyalty card syncing
~ Online editing with phone sync options. ( GroceryIQ)
~ Personalized coupons for sync or print

As for the recipies, I print them, punch with a 3-hole punch to keep in a binder in liners to preserve for future reference. I have considered creating a complete binder for holidays that can become a “go to” for years down the line. I could house my many ideas which would be great considering I have so many.

I will post some pictures on my Pinterest and Instagram accounts so you are able to get an idea of how this looks. I will blog more on prepping soon to share more tips so don’t forget to hit that subscribe button below 🙂

How is your planning coming along? I’m curious to know what projects are on your plate for Thanksgiving; drop me a comment.

Oh: try the app out. Let me know how it works for you in the comments as well.

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2 thoughts on “November Sweeps

  1. Love it!

    Posted by msaja2u | November 12, 2012, 12:57 pm

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