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Organizing Tip – Morning Planning

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and are as ready as I am to get started with the upcoming week. There are lots of things to do, especially it being the week before Thanksgiving and I wanted to peek in and give you a little tip that helps me in a tremendous way to plan out my day without me missing a beat.

Every morning, I spend the first hour and a half focused on getting my children up and ready for school. This is a non negotiable series of tasks and also a joy of mine but once they are out the door – I plan. I give myself an hour to plan out my day and have breakfast. I have this notebook that I sit down with every single morning before beginning my day. In it I start to compile all of the things that will be done that day. I separate them into the following columns: Need to do, want to do, need to buy and dinner.

The needs go at the top of the list and that creates a priority for me to make sure that it is done before the end of the day. I am not forgetful, but having this list is a great way to balance time. It’s in no particular order at this point, but usually I highlight urgent items.

The “want” section is just things that are not considered chores or necessity. It’s just things I could do if time permitted that I would enjoy, like a manicure or a walk. If I have the time, I do them. If not, it moves to a want for another day.

The need to buy section is all about what we are out of and needs restocking. This could be groceries, household items, auto maintenance and so on. I try not to overload the need to buy with things that can wait until the weekend. I don’t want to spend a large amount of time outside the home if I have lots do so those things can wait until I have multiple places to go which usually happens on Saturday.

Dinner is simply a section for me to write down my meal ideas for that night.

For those of you starting out with organization this is yet another great way to start. It is easy to do. The hardest part is committing to the list which is another topic in itself. Grab yourself a subject notebook or composition book and label the top with the date and just begin to write.

Another tip I use is to take this book into every room you are in. Keep it near because out of sight, out of mind. If you leave the house, take it along. You will constantly be reminded of the tasks that await if you can keep it handy.

 I realize there are many ways to skin a cat, sort of speak. I find this helpful because it is easy. What are some of the ways you plan your day out? I”d love to hear from you so drop me a comment and of course, push that Subscribe and Share button.

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