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Organizing – Taking the first step


What stops you from organizing? I can post all day long great ideas I know or see but there is little reason if I am the only one benefiting from the information I share. You can craft a project book, fill it to the brim, but if you don’t commit to doing the work, what’s the point?

So again, I ask what prevents you from starting an organizing crusade? For me, it was time. Working 5 days a week sometimes 9 to 10 hours a day; commuting for another 2 hours a day left little time to do much more. I had prided myself at being extremely organized at work and it was true, I was. I’d receive compliments on my office area all the time and some joked about how my home must be immaculate. Immaculate, not even close.

I can remember days where I could barely get the dishes done. I was working, parenting, cooking, attempting to be a wife and friend to those close to me and the last thing on my mind was closet organization, lol. Yet, my office files were alphabetized and color-coded. All my computer files were so clean and easy to find. You could eat off my desk it was so clean. I had all kinds of systems in place that were emulated and admired. I had more visual peace at work than in my own home!

After I begin staying home, I was so lost in my space and I had no idea where to start. Stuff was everywhere. Things meant for the bathroom were in the kitchen. Clothes were in the toy bins among a bunch of other items that had no place there. My sons clothes were mixed in with my daughters. In fact, some clothes had been in the Condo’s laundry area for days because I’ve forgotten them.

As I started reading up on tips and looking at every YouTube video I could find, I got even more discouraged. It was like walking into a gym and everyone there had beach ready bodies as if they had been doing it for years! How could this be, I thought. Where were the folks who discussed the beginning stages? Why was everything so Guerilla style or advanced?

Finally, I just sat and thought. I knew I was capable. I began to reflect on my office spaces and started to think about why those spaces worked for me. I started going over my habits at work such as spending a half hour or so before my morning began to strategize how my day would go. I remember the inspiration books I had to house my ideas so when we had meetings, I could have it ready to show at any moment.

Then I thought, it’s the little things. I don’t need to do a Container Store haul or buy all this fancy stuff to get myself going. I grabbed a 1 subject spiral notebook and a pen. The will power was there. The time was finally there (even though I also realized the time wasn’t as much as I thought would be required). I took my time and began to plan day by day. Nothing more, nothing less. There were no overnight Candice Olsen makeovers, but real changes that made immediate impacts on the way my home functioned.

My knowledge on organizing is great and easy to digest. For now though, the information I have to share will be easy and user-friendly to start because I want to engage those who need a place to begin. I want to grow with that man or woman to the detailed decorating and advanced organizational tutorials. Neither of us benefit from meeting in the middle.

When I decided to do this blog, I had to do a lot of thinking. I thought about what I wanted to say and how my blog would be different from all the others. I thought about who I wanted to address and what did I have to offer them. I blog for everyday people. Those who don’t have expensive budgets or endless amounts of time to focus on running the perfect house. I blog for the women and men who truly want to organize but don’t know quite where to begin and are tired of searching the web only to find those who are so deep into the process they’ve left nothing but dust behind.

I want you to know that being organized and having order in the place you call home is an attainable goal. I am with you. I support you and I can and will show you with simple and basic ways how to get there.

OW Trisha Marie



2 thoughts on “Organizing – Taking the first step

  1. Just what I needed! Great blogging!

    Posted by TyHill | November 18, 2012, 6:41 pm

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