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My Savings Adventures – Grocery day

Everyone has their weak points in the game of organizing and planning and mine has always been saving money. I admit it, I am horrible at finding clever ways to save a few dollars when I am out shopping but I have committed to learning the art of saving and thought it would be great to share that journey with you all. I operate a judgement free zone so I’m not afraid, lol.

Today’s lesson was in grocery shopping. Usually, I go to the store that’s local, that will have the foods I like and maybe have a few of them on sale and cut my loses on the items that aren’t. I never wanted to be that person spending hours a day going to this store for a handful of items then another store for different items and so on. So many of us have little time to devote to finding deals. Trust me, it’s time consuming and before, as a working mom, I simply didn’t have the time.

Luckily for a lady like me and many others, the game has upgraded! There are so many new, more convenient ways to save more as you shop. I want to share with you how today’s trip ended up being $153 with a savings of $60.

The first tool every person who grocery shops needs is the store app. Now in my area, Dominick’s (Safeway) has a mobile app and website where you can now load savings to your preferred card straight from your phone or website. These savings are in two categories: 1. Regular coupon savings from the store and manufacturer and 2. Personalized deals from your buying habits. Add these up to the Store deals in the weekly ad and an abundance of savings is what you will see. As you continue to shop at the store, your personalized deals get better and better. I’ve gotten free milk, eggs, chips and coupons for $5.00 off $50.00 numerous times. This app is wonderful and saves so much time. It took me about 10 minutes to load my card.

The other great way of saving is price matching. This has eliminated the store to store shopping for good. All you’ll need to do is collect the store ads from each grocer which should be included in the Sunday paper. Highlight those items you want to buy and be sure to show the cashier the paper at the checkout. Boom! Savings… Don’t laugh. I know my tips may seem basic to some of you but if I told you just how many people I know who had no idea about these apps alone…

So today, I spent $74.58 at Target on food items. I saved $10.51 using basic coupons that I clipped. I love using coupons on items that are already reduced in the store so it’s more money off. At Dominick’s I spent $69.32 after a $50.57 savings from the combined deals. That’s 42%! It took me 2 hours to do both stores and I have all the items I wanted to buy. I couldn’t be happier.


Recapping: 1. Find out if your local stores has either online or mobile sites where you can plan your shopping trip in advance. 2. Clip and save those coupons you receive in the mail and the Sunday paper. 3. Keep handy all of the local competitor ads for price matching. 4. Last, keep your receipt and enjoy the savings.

I’m a beginner and my first attempt resulted in $60 + in savings. I won’t say I’m headed to the extreme couponin’ stage but the numbers don’t lie so I will make this a part of my shopping from now on as I get better and more orgainzed.

Now who’s up for saving some money and time? I want to see some success stories, lol. Drop me a comment and let me know how much you’ve saved and how you did it. Also, help me out: what tools do you use or know of that I am missing out on? I’d love as always to be enlightened in any way.

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