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Real Talk: Those Blah Days

Have you ever woke up and said “I can’t do it today”?

Believe it or not, even I have days where I would much rather stay in bed with the remote in one hand, a book in the other than pull that to-do notebook out and spend the day doing chore after chore. I actually had that kind of day today.

I got up at my normal time and even at that point I could feel this was going to be a challenging day. I got the kids off to school barely and then I sat with my notebook in front of me – for minutes I just stared at it. All I wanted to do was climb back into bed. I would have paid to have the privilege, lol.  30 minutes later, I realized this stare down was going nowhere so I had to reach into my bag of tricks to pull out of the funk I had somehow gotten into.

So what are my tricks? I have several, actually. I can be a good coach most days and rely on my ability to see the end of the project and build up anticipation to get to that ending. Some days, I call on my friends to tell me to get up off my lazy behind and getherdone. Today though called for music. Fast, makes you wanna dance like no ones watching, music. Lucky for me I have a playlist already on my mp3 player for occasions such as this. It’s called “Get Up”. How appropriate, right? So here I am in the early morning at my seat bouncing to LMFAO and suddenly I started to write. After a few more minutes and a Kanye West song, I was on my feet and in the bedroom folding clothes.

Point is, yes, we all have those days. When you’re working, you are more prone to just do it and get yourself to work. Staying in the home, alone with no checks and balance system though requires that you dig deep and motivate yourself. There isn’t anyone there to push you most days and the time unfortunately, doesn’t wait for you to get it together.

Some ideas that have helped me are:

1. Music – Turn it on as loud as you can without police knocking on your door because your neighbors decided they didn’t want to “Party Rock” that morning.

2. Call a friend for some “tough love”. Tell them what you’re trying to do and ask them to help get your going. Trust me, they’ll have no problem giving you a reality check because they know the laundry is not gonna do itself. 

3. See the end result – remember why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place. Remember the feeling you get when you accomplish your goals.

4. Take the first step – Stand to your feet and pick one small thing to do and what I’ve found is that the small thing will lead to another small thing then to a medium thing and so on.

It’s a slippery slope to give in to the funk. You’ll tell yourself it’s just a few hours and you’ll get back into it and sometimes that may work, but not always. Your lazy Monday can quickly become your lazy Friday.  

organizing is part need and part will. It’s a great benefit to running a home or office but it takes a lot of will power to complete. So the next time you find yourself on a slide remember you’re not the only one. Even the best are tested.

Happy organizing!!

OW Trisha Marie

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