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The Black Friday Games

Hello again, fellow organizers. Just 3 more days until Turkey Day! I realize this week is sure to be busy for us all so I thought that I would get in and get out with this post to talk about one of the busiest days of the year – Black Friday. The only thing I think is better than Thanksgiving dinner is the Day After-Thanksgiving shopping, lol. I’m super excited for both and ironically prepared for both, too. Are you prepared?

I have the most fun planning out my Black Friday attack and over the years have tried some very good methods in getting the most out of the day. I would be so good at it that I would receive all kinds of compliments in store as I worked the aisles. I was always privy to finding out the sales weeks in advance, before there were sites like BlackFriday.com.

There are years I’ve gone alone and years where I’ve enlisted the help of friends and family to collaborate on large shopping lists. Every year no doubt is fun and challenging all the same. To say I’m successful  is an understatement. Let’s just say it this way: If it was on my list, I got it. 

We’re friends here so I will let you in on some of the ideas that have been tried and true since as far back as I can remember, thank me later. This should help make the day go by with ease:

1. Make a game plan – At least a week in advance you need to know the items you are looking for and what stores have them. Make a list (typed if possible) of each item, price and store. Don’t go in willy-nilly armed with only a sales ad… If you have help, make copies for them as well.

2. Find out where in the store these items will be – Will they be up front like Wal-Mart does every year or will you need to search the aisles like at Toys-R-Us? Item location is key. Go a few days in advanced and take notice of the setup. You’ll be sharp while everyone else knocks stuff over and fights over the last Turbo Man.

3. Draw a map – Don’t get all Google maps on me, just get a crayon and draw a simple map that highlights what side of the room the items you need are on and the nearest checkout. Bring this map stapled to your list. In and out – this is the only way this all comes together. There will be no excess time to figure it out when you get there.

4. Recruit a few buddies – Not just anyone! This is no day at the spa or a relaxing shopping afternoon with the ladies. You need manpower. Or my favorite, make a party out of it and buddy up (2 to a car). Doing it this way means you can hit multiple stores in less time. Partner up with someone who can lift heavy boxes and is fast. (Teenagers work great for this). All you need to do is point and direct or join in to speed up the process even faster. Tip: Put those mobile to mobile minutes to use and stay in contact! Communication is key. If a product sells out, text the crew so people know, in realtime, what everyone’s status is.

Lastly…  Make it fun – Nothing is worst than a grumpy shopper on the first shopping day of the season. This is friendly warfare, guys. Put a smile on your face, turn on the holiday music station or make a CD for the car (copy the CD for everyone’s car if you have a group); Wear your Santa hats; get your favorite cafe mocha latte with whip and two shots plus 2 extra dark (ok sorry, I don’t speak Starbucks, lol)  Overall do something to make this a good time. Holiday shopping is supposed to be generous acts of kindness and love. Tis the season to be merry!

I hope that you enjoy your holiday and after holiday shopping! If you do happen to have a funny shopping story, I would be thrilled if you shared it!

OW Trisha Marie

Disclaimer – *I hope you can find the humor in this post. Black Friday is in the end, just shopping. However, it’s fun and rewarding it you are organized and prepared beforehand. Have a safe experience.*



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