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Home Organization Binder Series and Giveaway – (Finance Binder)

With 2013 steadily approaching, it is important, in my opinion, to have as much organized and ready in your home as possible. A few people have asked me to share tips on how to prepare for the new year. One thing you are sure to find helpful to you are ways to keep up with the business in your home such as your house budget or health history for your household members. Things like important events and engagements that require planning or upcoming trips; all benefit from pre-organized planning.

To help jumpstart you on the right path, I have created several binder options that aid in organizing the many things going on in your lives in 2013. This series will breakdown each one.

Financial Organization

The binder that may be the most help to you and possibly the most used is the money tracking binder. Title it whatever you like of course, but its use is to track spending, bills, income and savings. This binder will be compiled of a 1′ binder with folders, dividers for each month, a zipper insert for receipts and other slips, folder dividers to hold bills, etc and additional inserts for miscellaneous items.

The sole purpose is to house information every month on money that has come in and money that has gone out. This is a great place for your bank statements, check stubs, mortgage/rent receipts, store receipts, bill statements, credit card information, etc. It feels terrible to be looking for information way back from February in December in piles of paper and emails. This technique eliminates those tiresome searches altogether.

This is also a great space to plan for savings and special things like vacations and birthdays. Between the contents in the binder and the tools I will begin showing you from simple spreadsheets, there is no doubt that by this time next year you would have experienced a major shift in your home organization. I hope to arm you with a feeling of confidence and financial maturity, both feels great.

I have already begun putting my binder together. The pictures below give you an idea where I’m going with this. I chose products from the Martha Stewart by Avery product line, but please do this in whatever way you like. At the most, this project should require a $15 – $20 investment but should get you 2 – 3 binders out the deal.

I have also decided to do a giveaway to go along with this project. The winner will win a copy of the completed binder from the images below which is rougly a $20 value per binder. The contest is simple: visit and like my Facebook page and under the “Contest” status, give a description of your home organization goals for 2013. Let me know how you plan on using this series to help you achieve those organizational goals and any specific things you would like me to cover. I will select one winner after reviewing and notify them on December 20, 2012.

For all who plan on starting this journey with me, it starts on January 1st so grab your items and let me know what questions you have. I will list my binder items by name on Facebook for those interested in purchasing them. I look forward to this journey with you. Look out for my spreadsheet tutorial to follow very soon.

Spread the word! There isn’t a better time to share, tweet and get everyone involved you think can benefit from this series. All of my social web information is in the right sidebar.

Let’s get ready to get better!

OW Trisha Marie


Example Home Binder Giveaway



3 thoughts on “Home Organization Binder Series and Giveaway – (Finance Binder)

  1. Home organizing for me needs to be easy…cuz Im lazy. I work so thats enough work for me. Need simple and incomplicated ways of organizing. Something that is easily accessible. I have a file thing but I keep it under the bed..and yes I am too lazy to reachunderneath the bed and file my papers so they pile upon the nightstand until I am tired of looking at them. Need something that doesnt take up a lot of space….

    Posted by MyEvolution Continues | December 14, 2012, 9:58 am


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