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Holiday Prep Update


It’s been a frantic month for me, guys. I got back tracked severely when my daughter was sick and time has been ticking double fast since. However, I finally got a few things started on the home front for my holiday prep.

I reorganized the living and dining space to open it up some. We get about 8-10 guests on Christmas and the space usually allows for 5 -6, it being a townhouse. I put in the table expansion leaf and created a dessert/wine station alongside our sectional which is a new addition to what we’ve done in the past. Desserts were stored in the kitchen. 

I located and did a count of all holiday dishes and serving dishes, washed them as well as the flatware. This could be done closer to the holiday, but in the event something was missing or heaven forbid broken, it gives time to be replaced. Same goes for the room setup. Playing around with it now allows time to make changes.

As for planning I am almost done shopping. I was able to put great use to my mobile app “Free Christmas List” on my Android. I have also updated my excel spreadsheets to reflect all money spent so far. This week, I will be done gift shopping completely and  can do more focusing on dinner plans.

Next week, I will begin wrapping everything and sending out the holiday cards. Before I forget: If you have a Container Store in your area, they have a beautiful selection of gift wrapping supplies, bows, etc that are both pretty and low priced. I will be making a trip there this week for a few more pieces.

I must say that if I could ever highlight a great example of the benefits of organizing, these last few weeks of my life very well could serve as one. I don’t know how crazier things would be now if I hadn’t set proper planning in place early on.

I don’t enjoy frantic, fast paced confusion and disorganization so even after a 7 day hospital stay plus at home follow up care, I wasable able to jump right back in and remain in control much better having took the time to plan and write out the things I wanted and needed to have done for the holidays. It was all in my binder.

Organizing works. It helps keep order and pace for your life. I swear by it.

How are your holiday plans coming along? Share in the comments below because like I always note, I love hearing from you!

OW Trisha Marie



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