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Organizing Tidbit: Holiday Storage

I’ve been back to my old self these past few days and transforming the house – yet again. This time I’m pretty much reversing the holiday décor and bringing the home back to normal. It’s the dreaded part of January believe me I understand. We spend so much time putting up the tree and décor and re-arranging spaces to throw parties, fit the tree, etc and now it’s time to put it all away.

For me, storage bins become my bff during this process. I have one for just about everything, lol. There’s one for the tree, two for ornaments and a few for those odds and ends.  It simplifies the process dramatically. Most of you probably already swear by storage bins and I applaud you. For those of us relying on bags, any available space underneath counters, cabinets, under the bed… stop.

There are so many other ways you can store items that won’t be seen for the next 11 months without compromising your spaces. Storage bin and Ziplock bags are your friend. You can buy these bins at many stores, Walmart, Target, Lowes and any other big box, home improvement store that is local to you. Many of these items go on sale immediately after the holidays and are very affordable.

Here are a few images of the ones I have used:

007 753325-20121205061816-homz-closet-plastic-christmas-wreath-storage-box Plastic-Box-for-Xmas-Tree Plastic-Christmas-Ornament-Storage

Since all of the holiday stuff is out, I use this time as a great opportunity to organize my crawl space better. Things can get hectic during the time my materials are out because I like to use my crawl space to store gifts and boxes and other temporary items. Usually I like to place all the bins in the far corner of the crawl space so I can allow the things I use more often to be up front. Analyze your areas you use for storage and see if there is a better way to stock it this time around.

For instance, if you have a basement and you have stored bags or such in it, full of décor, try the bins this year and place those in a small corner section and free up the spaces previously used for other items. The best part about bins is the flexibility and durability they hold so you can cram, push and smash them almost anywhere and they can take the beating.

If you’re in an apartment or condo using a storage closet in the building’s basement, bins work well for you. Stackable and compact, they use a fraction of the space and you are able to use the top to store bags and other packages.

Don’t forget these small details:

  1. Label your bins and bags. This saves so much time when pulling things out for next year.
  2. If possible, color-coordinate the bins so they are easily recognized in small or dark spaces.
  3. Heavier items on the bottom; light on top. We don’t want you breaking bulbs, lol.
  4. Place bins on flat surfaces and stack up. This will prevent falling and tilting.

Although many of us loathe the process of holiday take down, I hope that like me you have used this as a chance to get better organized; it’s the perfect opportunity.  Once you get this done, it’s a chore you won’t see again until fall.

How are you storing your décor? If you would like, share that below, I enjoy reading your comments. Visit me on Twitter where I will continue this conversation with my followers.

Have a great day!

OW Trisha Marie



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