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The Unexpected Organizing Hiatus

Hey, friends, how are you? Just when you think I’ve disappeared and left you to fend for yourselves with spring approaching, alas, I have returned. Have you been carrying on well with your binders? I sure hope so as I have continued with my own and not much has been accumulating yet I have done a great job with my finance spreadsheet. I apologize for unexpectedly leaving you all, I had a few major changes take place in my own life even I wasn’t expecting that has had me a busy little bee for the past few months. I re-entered the working world and let me tell you, I jumped right in.

It’s exciting to be out working again and I’m grateful for the opportunity, but I truly miss my blog and my sharing all of the organizing skills I love with you guys. In fairness to the opportunity, I wanted to put focus to on the job for a little bit, while I embraced it all and became comfortable with what is expected of me before I returned to blogging.

I have much to catch us up on and I will address the other binders in upcoming posts. I am also going to put together a few posts that highlight my real time, party planning for my daughters upcoming birthday in April. This should be very fun and of course have some helpful information for you as well. Spring cleaning is upon us, too. I am eager to introduce some of my cleaning techniques that help cut the clutter and get ready for summer!

To those who checked on me, I appreciate you. You all are the best I will also rev up my Facebook and Twitter pages and you know I have to do another contest, lol. I’m glad to you all who are still aboard with me; great things ahead.


OW Trisha Marie



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